Melanie is a talented artist, curator and arts manager and has a keen interest in the botanic world around us.

Grab a cup of coffee or go for a walk in Leongatha and it’s likely you’ll see some of Melanie Caple’s work: her murals featuring unique juxtapositions of native flora and abstract, Art-Deco inspired shapes brighten much of the Western side of the central Bair Street, and a few other places besides. The Berrys Creek-based artist and arts manager takes delight in prompting South Gippsland locals and others alike to look at their local landscapes in new and exciting ways.

Join Melanie at her studio in Berrys Creek, where she shares her experience of growing up on a dairy farm in Nerrena, leaving Leongatha to pursue her artistic dreams, and art’s growing importance in the South Gippsland community.

Hear Melanie’s story via the podcast below.

Melanie Caple – Artist
Photography: Chrisp Pictures