Robert is now a passionate advocate for the South Gippsland region and appreciates the natural beauty of the area and the country lifestyle.

Robert Waycott describes his story by borrowing the title of a Thomas Hardy novel: “Return of the Native”. Born and bred in South Gippsland, Robert did as a young person what many of our other subjects of this podcast series did- left as soon as they could! But after returning to South Gippsland and becoming involved in the local community, Robert found that the influx of new residents to the area made him see his home through fresh eyes.

We join Robert at the former Mirboo Shire Hall, home of the Mirboo North Historical Society, where he shares his passion for the history of South Gippsland and documenting the events of his local area through his local community newspaper. We take a tour of some pretty amazing artefacts, and hear Robert’s changing perspective on his home.


Robert Waycott
Photography: Morgan Fisher Photography