Rondinne's story is a tale of courage and inspiration.

Rondinne is a recent addition to Mirboo North, South Gippsland, having built her house and made her home here in South Gippsland during 2020. However, Rondinne’s journey to South Gippsland has been longer and more eventful than most: she’s lived on four continents, having had a professional career taking her to the UK and North America.

However, even that can’t compare to Rondinne’s story of her escape from Kuwait as a refugee when she was a young adult. We join Rondinne at her home in Mirboo North, where she recounts her story of leaving Kuwait, driving across Europe to the UK, and then finding her way to “her view” in South Gippsland.

Warning: This episode contains Rondinne’s descriptions of her memories of escaping war in Kuwait, which may not be suitable for some listeners.


Photography: Kate Lafferty Photography