Discover picturesque views, charming stores, relaxing caf├ęs and more on a drive between three lovely South Gippsland villages.

Take a scenic drive that provides beautiful rural views and the chance to explore three of South Gippsland’s lovely villages.

The drive starts at the playground in Bena and follows the Bass Valley Road. This road provides rural, farm views before transforming into shaded trees as you near the Bass Valley Reserve (a great place to stop for a picnic).

Continue along the road until you reach a turn off, then turn right until you reach the township of Poowong. Poowong is a small community that hosts a terrific outdoor pool (open during the summer season when temperatures exceed 25 degrees), a wooden sculpture garden and a historic chapel.

When you have completed your Poowong sightseeing, continue back to the Loch – Poowong Road and stay on this road until you arrive in Loch Village. Loch Village is a bustling hub of antique stores, cafes and gift wares and is well worth a visit.

More Drives

South Gippsland is a large region and has many wonderful scenic drive opportunities.

Green mountainous terrain, flat pastures and winding coastal tracks can all be found in South Gippsland.