An alternative route between Leongatha and Mirboo North via the farming community of Mardan.

Experience the beautiful rolling hills of South Gippsland as you take this alternative route between Leongatha and Mirboo North.

Yes, it takes a little longer but you will be rewarded with stunning vistas, historical churches and minimal traffic.

Roads are sealed.

Drive Details


  1. Head north out of Leongatha on the B460 Strzelecki Highway.
  2. Just a couple of kilometres out of town, turn right into Mardan Road.
  3. After about ten minutes you will reach Mardan, which is home to a charming hall and historic church.
  4. Continue for another 2 minutes or so and you will hit the C455 Meeniyan-Mirboo North Road.
  5. Follow this road and in less than ten more minutes you’ll be in the heart of Mirboo North.

Time to Complete

The drive is 32 kilometres in length and takes approximately 35 minutes to complete.

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