Located just a short drive to Wilsons Promontory National Park, Fish Creek is a great place to stop and explore.

Fish Creek is a rural village that attracts many visitors en route to the ‘Prom’. Exhibiting a strong artistic flavour, Fish Creek is dotted with cafes and galleries and provides a perfect stopping point for either a short visit or longer stay. Look for the giant mullet on top of the Fish Creek Hotel.

Things to see and do:
Access the Great Southern Rail Trail and walk, ride or cycle to Foster or Meeniyan (or beyond)
Park the car at the foot of Mount Nicoll and walk to the lookout at the peak
Explore local galleries


Fish Creek is located approximately 165 kilometres south-east of Melbourne, around two and a quarter hours travel along the South Gippsland Highway. Turn off at Meeniyan or access from Foster and take in the exquisite views on offer at Hoddle Lookout.


Fish Creek was a railway station on the South Gippsland line in South Gippsland, Victoria. The station was opened during the 1890s operated until 1991 when the line to Barry Beach servicing the oil fields in Bass Strait was closed, the line was then dismantled and turned into the Great Southern Rail Trail.

Fish Creek contained a rather extensive goods yard, all of which now has been demolished. The remaining platform is still in good condition.

Town Facilities


– Free public Wi-Fi available within the town
– Fish Creek BP Roadhouse & Cafe
– Fish Creek Pharmacy Plus General Store (password required)

Long Vehicle parking
Behind the BP Car Park, enter from Falls Rd

Parks & Playgrounds
– Park – corner of Meeniyan Promontory Rd and Harding Lawson Road
– Playground, Terrill Park, Falls Road (Toilets)

Petrol Station
– Fish Creek BP Service Station (Roadhouse & Cafe), 3 Falls Rd

Post Office
– Fish Creek Australia Post, 29 Falls Rd

– Fish Creek General Store and Pharmacy, 25 Falls Rd

Quick Facts

Population: 3,037 (according to latest Census data)
Location 165 kilometres south-east of Melbourne

Activities & Attractions

– Great Southern Rail Trail
– Quirky cafes
– Local galleries
– Lookouts

Major Events

– Prom Coast Festival (March)
– Fish Creek Tea Cosy Festival (May)
– Fishy Stories, Fish Creek Children’s Literature Festival (November)
– Fish Creek Carnival (New Years)


Fish Creek is often host to special events. May's Tea Cosy Festival is a particular highlight, but other events are also held throughout the year.