Zak Chalmers’ work explores the pure in clay, the relationship between malleable clay, raw material additions and fire.

His work is a reflection of belonging and experiencing. Between living functionality and simplicity.

All of our wares are availble for purchase at our studio for our wholesale price. We also stock a range of quality individual pieces in our online store for you to purchase at your leisure.

Our gallery offers custom design services designed to allow our customers to work with us to create the perfect piece or tableware set for their needs. Come to use with an idea of what you want your pieces to look like and we’ll guide you through the ins and outs of what will work for you and how we can turn your concept into a piece you will love.  We hold individual consultations to assist you with the clay choice, style, glazes and firing options.


Our next workshops are on our Shop page, and you can book in directly to a workshop that suits you. 


10 Valley Plains Road, Leongatha South, Victoria 3953, Australia

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We are in the studio most days and are open by appointment.